About Us

Who are we?

Little Green Westra are a team of dog lovers.  A family driven business just South of Cardiff in the rural Vale of Glamorgan.  Our emphasis is on providing reliable loving care to your furry family members.

Our  name is Little Green Westra often referred to as "westra kennels". Our premises has been a kennel since the 1970's and is transferred to Rhodri in December 2015 and since then we have been slowly building up the right team to proceed forward with our exciting plans.

Rhodri has trained and placed many dogs into therapy and assistance/charity roles even sold trained dogs into boarding schools and a nursery unit. He likes the more old-fashioned looking, straight backed German Shepherd Dogs who can jump like a rabbit, run like the wind, turn and spin in a second.  GSDs who love climbing mountains with him so his focus is on canine structural strength particularly hip, elbow and knee screening.

With a background  in Engineering, after University Rhodri travelled the world working in far flung places doing something related to high voltage electricity, induction and automation (no-one quite understands what he was doing..). Retired from world travel he now trains and walks dogs full-time with his family and daughters. He uses positive reward based methods such as clicker training with emphasis on good lead technique.

Little Green has a dedicated team of full and part time staff who have been built up since 2015 with interests in dog training, clicker techniques, grooming, veterinary,  canine health and pet photograghy.


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