Report Cards

Our Report Card System

One of our new features here at Little Green Kennels and Cattery is our report card feature. Don't worry, we don't grade your pet, or tell you that he's failing P.E, it's more like an update on how your pet is settling in at Little Green. It can be quite worrying to leave your pet in a new place for the first time, so providing these updates will help give you peace of mind that your pet is happy and content. The report card system has been a hit so far with a lot of our guests...


'I really loved the report card it was lovely and a nice touch thank you for looking after my dogs' Bruno the Dogs owner, April 2017


'Rhys and DeeDee stayed for 2 nights whilst we moved. Staff were very friendly and made me feel at ease. On the afternoon of the move which is very stressful I received a lovely update, just to put my mind at rest that they were both fine and eating well and enjoying their walks. That was such a sunbeam shining through the clouds of moving. What a lovely gesture it kept me going. Thank you. I totally recommend you and your staff' Rhys and DeeDee's owner, April 2017


So far the report cards have seemed really popular, especially if you are moving like Rhys and Dee Dee's owner, which can be really stressful. At Little Green we want to make sure that you can have a stress free trip away, and knowing your pet is happy and safe is one less thing to worry about!