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Little Green Westra Dog Boarding and Cattery in Dinas Powys, Cardiff

Dog Boarding near Cardiff

We have 40 cabins for dogs many of which are big enough for multiple dogs from the same household. Our kennels are big enough for large breeds of dogs and all have an internal sleeping area as well as an external run area. Our kennels are fully tiled (floor and walls) for hygiene and ease of cleaning. The areas comply with all council regulation on sizing and materials and we are licensed and insured to care for your canines whilst you are away on holiday or simply out of the house for the day.


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Dog Boarding Prices


Our pricing is peak and non-peak. Peak season is the school holidays and summer, running from June - September and the predictable busier times for half terms, Easter and Christmas.  Bank holidays, like most pet businesses, are double days. 


We offer discounts for households with multiple pets sharing a cabin (ie two dogs) as well as long-term stays, particularly during off-peak times. 


We can often offer emergency, short-notice boarding as our system is live for cancellations and also runs a waiting list.  Vaccines must be considered at least 6-8 weeks before boarding in case a re-start is needed. 

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Situated in the lanes of Dinas Powys between the common and St. Andrews Major Golf Course (now Foot Golf and Driving Range).

Little Green Westra, Dinas Powys, CF64 4HA

(+ 44) 7921399301